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Investigation Updates Into Mysterious Hoboken Crash


The New Jersey Transit engineer of the train that crashed into Hoboken Terminal told investigators he was unaware of any mechanical problems in the moments leading up to the accident. Federal investigators are reviewing the man’s claims after the train he was operating crashed into the terminal and killed one person and injured 100 others.

Officials from the National Transportation Safety Board stated at a news conference on Sunday that they had interviewed the engineer and the train’s conductor. Investigators say they are still no closer to determining the cause of the crash. The deadly crash is the first fatal accident on New Jersey Transit trains for twenty years. Investigators are puzzled after the 48-year-old engineer said had no recollection of the accident and only remembers was waking up on the floor of the cab after it crashed into the terminal. The engineer also told investigators that his cellphone was turned off and in his backpack. The engineer also claims the train was traveling about 10 miles an hour when it entered Hoboken Terminal — a fact that remains a controversy. Investigators have acquired drone footage and videotapes to piece together the aerial images of the train but still have yet to determine how fast the train was going when it entered the station.

Until further notice, the New Jersey Transit announced that all rail service in and out of Hoboken Terminal would remain suspended. Investigators say the train was carrying about 250 passengers when it plowed through a barrier and crashed into a wall at the terminal.

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