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Four Vehicle Accident Kills One


A fatal vehicle accident occurred in Bolton, Connecticut on Tuesday around 5:00 p.m. The cause of the accident is being investigated by Connecticut state police. Four vehicles were involved, one of which rolled over. Tragically, one person passed away the night of the accident due to their injuries, and many other people were taken to receive medical attention.

About 135,000,000 cars travel the roads of the United States daily. Additionally, in the U.S., about 27,000 vehicle accidents occur every day. These accidents all vary in degree and type, ranging from minor accidents such as fender benders to fatal vehicle accidents. The top cause of vehicle accidents is driving distractedly, as there are many factors that could cause a driver to not focus on the road. Some of the most common things drivers do that cause them to be distracted are texting, adjusting their radios, and eating. Drivers who text while behind the wheel increase their chances of getting into an accident by about 23%. By texting for a total of five seconds when traveling about 55 mph, a driver is doing the equivalent of driving the distance of a football field with their eyes closed.

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