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Four Survive After Plane Crashes Into Water


A kayaker waved down a couple on a fishing boat to get assistance for victims in a plane crash. As the couple approached the kayaker, they saw four people wearing aviation floatation devices. The couple pulled the four onto their boat, gave them dry clothes, blankets, and had a heater in the cabin of the boat. They sent out a mayday call to the Coast Guard who has reported that the plane sank on impact. The people were taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries and hypothermia.

The plane belonged to Kenmore Air who stated that the plane was a de Havilland Beaver and “the Beavers are meticulously maintained and prized for their reliability.” The cause of the crash has not yet been reported, but the survivors were prepared with their floatation devices.

Negligence either by part of the pilot, airline, aircraft’s maintenance team, or air traffic controllers are most often responsible for aviation accidents. Whoever has ownership in the crash the victims may be entitled to the medical bills they will face. Statistically, the survival rate for those in a plane crash is low due to the height and speed at which an aircraft makes an impact.

Our team here at Meyerkord & Kurth are ready to help you establish liability if you or your loved one have suffered injury or has lost their life in an aviation accident. Our team is made up of seasoned personal injury lawyers with the necessary resources to support your case. We work to see that your case ends with a resolution that you or your loved one deserves. Please call us today to set up your consultation so we can inform you of your legal rights.

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