Florida Worker Injured in Work Accident

An incident involving a worker falling and becoming injured on the job occurred in Bay Harbor Island, Florida recently. The accident occurred when the employee, who was working his first day on the job, was placing roofing sheathing. While doing so, he was carrying plywood. When a strong wind blew, it caused for the new employee to fall about 14 feet onto a fence post made of metal. Unfortunately, the man was pierced by the post on his thigh and buttocks.

The company which the man was working for did not provide him with fall protection, which they were supposed to since he was working at a height that was higher than six feet tall. Also, the company failed to provide him with prevention training, which was supposed to serve the purpose of preparing the employee to prevent safety hazards. OSHA inspectors cited the company for their recklessness, as they continuously ignore their standards.

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