Florida Woman Attacked During Tiger Show

An animal trainer was hospitalized in Florida after being scratched and dragged by a tiger in a work-related accident. She was performing at a fair in front of a school group when she was attacked. Officials at the fair said the victim suffered a three-inch cut on her knee and her ankle received a laceration. Surgery was required, but she is now home and in good condition. The horrifying attack was filmed by a student on her phone. Luckily this animal trainer was able to escape what could have been a truly horrible situation.

Work-related accidents can consist of minor injuries sustained from slips or falls to the extreme which can result in fatalities. OSHA estimates that 4.1 million workers a year will suffer a serious job-related injury or illness. Sadly, most of these can be prevented if companies have a safety plan and it has been implemented. It is necessary to alert your supervisor immediately if you suffer a work-related injury. The type of notification, written or verbal, depends on the state you live or work. This is to ensure you do not lose any legal rights to receive workers compensation. Also, always seek medical care immediately if your injuries require it.

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