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Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Houston


A fatal accident occurred in Houston, Texas on Friday around 6:09 a.m. The accident occurred when a pedestrian that was on the North Freeway was hit by a vehicle. Allegedly, the man was moving across the freeway and had successfully run past the northbound lanes, but was struck by a Mazda when he was in the southbound second lane. It was reported that three additional vehicles also hit the man. There are no charges expected to be made against anyone involved in the accident.

In most municipalities, pedestrians enjoy the right of way over motor vehicles. Even when a pedestrian is not in a crosswalk, motor vehicles are required to make every attempt to avoid striking them. An important factor to consider in pedestrian cases is how far across a street or intersection a pedestrian had traveled before they were struck by a car. The farther across a street the pedestrian traveled, the more likely the vehicle is to be at fault.

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