Drunk Driving Leads to Fatal Crash

A fatal vehicle accident occurred in Colonie on Tuesday night around 6:45. The vehicle accident occurred when a driver who was traveling eastbound struck another vehicle. The impact of the collision resulted in the crossing of the eastbound vehicle into the westbound lanes of traffic. Correspondingly, the car collided with two more vehicles. Tragically, one of the drivers of a car that was hit passed away at the scene of the accident and three more people were injured, including the driver of the vehicle that began the string of accidents. Allegedly, alcohol was involved in the accident.

In all 50 states of the U.S., a blood alcohol concentration of .08% is the legal limit for driving under the influence. There is no other method to become sober besides time, despite what people may believe. Driving under the influence is a terrible epidemic and can easily be stopped. Tragically, every two minutes, someone is injured in an accident related to drunk driving. To ensure the safety of yourself and others, if you are under the influence, do not drive.

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