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Dilapidated St. Louis Building Needs Demolishing


A dilapidated building has residents in a Dutchtown neighborhood concerned and frustrated with the St. Louis city. Residents say the building poses a dangerous threat to the neighborhood and many want to know why the city will not tear down the building.

The abandoned building is located at the intersection of Osage and Nebraska. Officials say the building is considered a historic structure and the owner and an alderwoman are looking for funding for the repairs. Apparently, a rehab was attempted in early 2016 but major problems emerged. According to witnesses, a part of the building came crashing down on the street several weeks ago. Luckily no one was standing near the building when it happened, but the close-call has residents worried for their safety.

According to city officials, $1 million is available in the city's budget for the demolition of derelict buildings, but the majority of those structures are privately owned. The owners of these buildings are responsible for such demolitions. A spokesperson for MSD says the company is spending $4.7 billion over the next few decades to update aging infrastructure and create more green space. However, these programs take time, and private ownership keeps some dangerous building neglected.

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