Dangerous Salmonella Outbreak Just South Of St. Louis

An outbreak of salmonella has injured several people and has been traced to eggs from the Good Earth Egg Company. The Missouri company has begun the process of a product recall after eight people in three states became sick after consuming eggs from the Good Earth Egg Company.

Bonne Terre, Missouri is the home to The Good Earth Egg Company, just 50 miles south of St. Louis. Thankfully, no deaths have been reported. However, two people have been hospitalized. According to officials, the majority of the cases were reported in Missouri. There has been one case each in Illinois and Kansas. Authorities say a restaurant in Missouri has been linked to three of the reported cases.

The outbreak is not the first time the company has been under fire for contamination. The Good Earth Company was linked to a salmonella outbreak earlier this year in January 2016, after 52 people got sick from consuming their eggs. According to the Centers for Disease Control, consumers should not consume eggs from the Good Earth Company and restaurants should not use the company’s eggs in any food. An investigation into the salmonella outbreak is ongoing. For more information regarding the recalled product, visit the FDA website.

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