Coronado Bridge's Safety Is Being Questions

The safety of the Coronado Bridge has come into question after the tragic death of four people, killed when a truck drove off the bridge and crashing on top of a group of bikers. City leaders and transportation officials are responding to residents' concerns after a suspected DUI driver lost control, drove off the bridge and plunged 60 feet, landing on a crowded park below. Many were injured, and four innocent festival goers were killed. The Caltrans District Director for the area promised at a recent press conference that he would conduct a full investigation into the accident.

Community residents are speaking out and asking for stronger barriers to be installed along the bridges above Chicano Park. Community members say the bridge barrier is not enough and it is unsafe for park patrons. Officials say the Caltrans investigation will determine if changes need to be made to the bridge and if the standard 34-inch cement barrier on the bridge are sufficient. The park and bridge were opened after an inspection late Saturday evening and deemed structurally sound, but many say they are concerned about future tragedies.

For years, the Chicano Park Steering Committee says it has been asking for a better barrier to cars from falling. On of its members says the accident was preventable and he is demanding the state fix the bridge to ensure safety. Officials say the investigation is expected to take three to four weeks.

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