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Bus Crash One of California's Deadliest


A fatal vehicle accident occurred recently in Palm Springs involving a bus that was headed towards Los Angeles. The accident took place around 5:17 in the morning on Sunday when the USA Holiday tour bus collided with a big rig truck, crashing into the truck’s trailer. Tragically, thirteen people passed away due to the accident, and thirty-one people suffered injuries.

The accident is still being investigated for the exact cause, but it is thought that the bus may have been traveling at a high speed of rate, as the front of it was severely damaged. Research has concluded that speed is a factor in one out of three fatal accidents. In addition, it will also be tested whether the driver was under the influence, fell asleep, had a heart attack, or whether the bus malfunctioned. Drowsy driving can contribute to accidents caused by distracted driving, as tired drivers often are unable to completely focus on the road. Additionally, there were no seatbelts on the bus, so some of the injuries passengers suffered were facial. This crash is one of the deadliest in California.

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