Truck Runs Over Driver and Then Crashes Into House

An Orlando, Florida man was arrested after leaving the scene of a crash after his truck smashed into a house. The suspect had been in a strip club and warned by security to not drive. Surveillance video showed the man getting into his truck and attempting to drive off when he fell out the driver’s side door, and the truck ran over his leg. The truck continued to head across the highway when it crashed into the house. The woman inside suffered injuries but was not taken to the hospital. Police were able to find the suspect because he left his license at the strip club.

It seems that stories like this should be on a TV show of bizarre accidents, but it does happen. Vehicles crash through buildings more often than you would think endangering and injuring those on sidewalks and inside the structures. If you are involved in an accident of this kind, you might wonder who is responsible for damages. What about medical bills? Or lost wages? Or what if you need physical therapy due to your injuries? Contacting a personal injury attorney should be your first call in figuring out what to do. An experienced attorney can discuss your legal options and help bring your case to justice.

The personal injury attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC, have over a century worth of experience helping injured victims. We understand that injuries can cause stress and large medical bills to people who were not responsible for the accident that injured them. We communicate thoroughly with our clients while striving to reach a maximum settlement. Contact our St. Louis office for a free consultation to discuss your legal needs.

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