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Toys'R'Us Pulls Ride-On Toy After Bursting Into Flames


A ride-on truck sold at Toys ‘R’ Us is being pulled from shelves after it burst into flames when a consumer was transporting it home. The couple who purchased the Dynacraft Tonka 12V Ride-On Dump Truck were heading home and had the toy in the back of their truck when it caught fire. A spokeswoman from Toys ‘R’ Us said this seems to be an isolated incident but the company is currently removing this item from stores and its website and will have an investigation pending. She also stated that the store is working with the manufacturer to help determine a cause of the fire.

Product liability laws help protect consumers from faulty or defective products. These products can be potentially dangerous to those who own or operate them. This also means these products can cause severe injuries to the consumer. Unfortunately, many injuries will require medical assistance and can leave the consumer with hefty medical bills. If you come into contact with a dangerous product, it is always important to contact a reputable attorney to discuss your situation and assess the need to seek legal action. Companies should be held responsible for any injuries their products might cause and speak to an experienced attorney should be your first call.

The St. Louis attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC are seasoned with product liability cases. They understand that injuries caused by faulty products can produce injuries, stress and even lost time and wages from work. Our team works diligently on each case and communicates with the client throughout the legal process. We offer a free no-obligation consultations, so please contact our office to speak with one of our attorneys.

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