Tennessee Nursing Home Fined Due to Negligence

A Madison, Tennessee nursing home has been ordered to stop accepting new residents and pay violation fines. The nursing home is facing penalties for performance improvement, nursing services and problems with administering medication. The fines for these violations total $6,100. The conditions were found during a complaint survey from October 11 through October 24. The Tennessee Department of Health stated that the admissions suspension will not be lifted until the conditions and violations are corrected. The nursing home, which holds 139 beds, can request a hearing on the matter. As of November 9, the nursing home has been on suspension.

As a patient or resident in a nursing home, you or your loved one deserve to have proper and adequate care. Elderly patients who are in a negligent environment are more prone to illness, infection, serious injuries and even fatalities. Nursing home facilities are bound to provide adequate services to their residents. There are many factors that can contribute to nursing home negligence and scarily, it might not be something that is always visible. As a visitor, you should pay attention to any emotional distress, changes in physical or mental health and eating habits. Many nursing homes are understaffed, and direct communication with the nursing staff is important to help prevent any type of negligence. Always contact an experienced attorney if your loved one has become a victim of nursing home negligence. It is the first step in getting the care and compassion they deserve.

The dedicated attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC, have pursued many negligent claims and understand the sensitivity to these cases. We believe that those injured due to nursing home negligence need to have their voice heard and work closely with our clients to pursue maximum compensation. Contact our St. Louis office today to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

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