Teen Killed in Bicycle Accident

A fatal accident occurred in Pacoima on Tuesday around 7:00 in the morning involving a bicyclist and two vehicles. The accident took place when a southbound Chrysler pickup truck and an eastbound Chevrolet pickup truck hit each other after one of the vehicles failed to stop at a red light. Tragically, after colliding, the two vehicles traveled to a nearby crosswalk that a bicyclist was using to get to school and the boy was trapped between the two vehicles. The boy passed away as a result of the accident.

In the United States, about 818 bicyclists passed away as a result of accidents in 2015 and about 45,000 bicyclists sustained injuries. About one out of every three bicyclist injuries occur when bicyclists are struck by cars. Some of the next top ways in which bicyclists are injured include falling, inadequate road condition, and bicyclist inattention. Since bicyclists do not have as much protection as drivers of cars, they tend to ride more defensively. Therefore, in the case of an accident between a vehicle and bicyclists, it can often be found that the driver of the vehicle is at fault.

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