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Teen Finally Convicted in Connection with Accident Injuries


A 19-year-old girl was accused and arrested after her connection with a car accident that happened in 2014. The teen was accused of causing the accident that severely injured her passenger after leaving a graduation party in June 2014. She allegedly was speeding and lost control of the car resulting in the passenger needing to amputate her leg. Blood evidence showed that the accused driver was under the influence at the time of the accident. The victim and her mother approached a local TV station when their case had not been sent for prosecution by local authorities. Shortly after the media report two felony charges, intoxication assault, and aggravated assault, were given to the teen driver.

Over 240,000 teen drivers are treated in emergency rooms every year. Sadly, distractions count for 58% of teen crashes. Distractions can come from other passengers in the car, cell phones, and electronics or even outside the vehicle. Alarmingly, distracted teen driving can be a risk to all on the roadways and cause severe injuries. It is always important to discuss distracted driving with all teens and emphasize staying alert at all times. Injuries that occur as a result of car accidents can result in many obstacles, mentally, physically, and financially. Always call a personal injury attorney if you have been injured in an accident. A qualified attorney is essential in helping you get the care and compensation that you deserve.

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