Speeding the Cause of Fatal Crash

A fatal vehicle accident occurred in West Hills around 6:30 on Sunday night. The road crash took place in relation to a speeding BMW. The 2001 BMW 5-Series struck a Toyota Camry on Vanowen Street and was cut in half as a result. Then, water that was charged by the power lines that were downed was sent into the air. Tragically, as a result of the accident, two people that were in the BMW passed away. The driver of the Toyota experienced slight injuries. Allegedly, the BMW had been traveling over the speed limit, which was about 35 mph.

Speeding is an extremely dangerous epidemic that plagues the roads. It is one of the top three causes of road crashes and is a contributing factor in one out of every three vehicle accidents involving a fatality. One of the many reasons why speeding causes so many vehicle accidents is because the higher the rate of speed a vehicle is traveling, the longer it takes for that vehicle to come to a complete stop. Also, when a driver speeds they are more likely also to take part in other risk behaviors, such as driving distractedly or driving under the influence.

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