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Speeding Caused Fatal Car Accident


A fatal vehicle accident took place in Homestead on Monday. The accident involved a single vehicle and occurred when the car collided with a tree that was next to an intersection. Tragically, two people passed away at the scene of the accident, and a third person was taken to the hospital by air to receive medical attention for their injuries. Additionally, two of those victims had been ejected from the vehicle when the accident took place. The incident is being investigated further information and determining whether or not the vehicle had been traveling at speed over the legal speed limit.

Speeding is an epidemic that plagues the roads and contributes to one out of every three fatal vehicle accidents. It increases a driver’s chance of losing control of their vehicle and increases the amount of time and length it takes for a driver to come to a complete stop. Also, a driver that speeds is often more likely to participate in other risk behaviors while behind the wheel. To make the roads a safer place, follow all traffic safety laws and regulations.

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