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Six Children Killed in School Bus Accident


Six children were killed in a Chattanooga school bus accident last Monday. According to authorities, the school bus driver plowed into a tree as it was transporting children home after school. Officials say the bus was carrying 37 students when it struck the tree. Six children were killed, and several others were injured. The children who were killed were ages 6-years-old to 10-years-old. Officials say five children remain hospitalized with serious injuries. The children were students at Woodmore Elementary School.

The Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board said the accident is under investigation. Investigators say the bus was traveling off the designated route when it struck the tree. The bus driver was also speeding, according to police. The bus driver faces six counts of vehicular homicide, as well reckless driving and reckless endangerment. Police say no evidence of drug or alcohol use was discovered.

The investigation will continue as investigators interview the children who were on the bus. Investigators will also review a data device on the bus including video. Officials say the data was damaged in the crash but not completely. The NTSB is working on restoring the device. It was also noted in the investigation that the accident site was not a common place for traffic accidents and the last one near the scene was over three years ago.

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