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School Bus Accident Injures 10


A bus accident occurred in Norfolk, Virginia on Tuesday around 7:30 in the morning when a school bus that was traveling on I-64 flipped over. Allegedly, the bus overturned after the bus driver’s vision was impaired by sunlight, which caused for the vehicle to hit a wall on the interstate. As a result, about ten people were taken to receive medical attention for their injuries, which were all reported to be minor.

Reportedly, sun glare is a contributing factor in about 3,000 vehicle accidents every year. When driving through spots with a high sun glare level, it is best to reduce your speed in order to avoid collisions. Additionally, another way to avoid collisions in areas with a glare is to keep your windshield clean and smudge-free in order to have the clearest vision possible while driving.

The Saint Louis personal injury attorneys of Meyerkord & Kurth can provide supreme legal assistance if a bus accident resulted in injuries. With the help of our team, charges will be pressed against the negligent party. Additionally, your medical records will be collected in order to file an insurance claim. Also, our attorneys will offer supreme legal advice in order to ensure that you understand your rights. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our team of attorneys have recovered over $350 million in compensation for victims of vehicle accidents. To embark on your road to justice and speak with an attorney for free without obligation, contact Meyerkord & Kurth today.

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