Samsung Recalls Washing Machines

A product recall was announced by Samsung and U.S. safety officials on Friday on about three million washing machines. The recall was put in place after about 733 reports of malfunctioning machines had been made by consumers. Allegedly, the washing machines vibrate excessively, or the top of the machine comes off. Among the injuries this product has caused, there have been shoulders injured, blunt force injuries, a broken jaw, and bruises. The recall is being made on 34 different models of the Samsung washing machine. Consumers who have bought any of these machines will be given a safety kit with instructions and either a discount on a new machine, a free repair with a longer warranty, or new customers can get a refund. Two consumers filed a lawsuit earlier this year against Samsung for their defective product’s defective design and the danger it produces.

The product liability law protects consumers from defective products. Around 27,000 people pass away and many are injured every year as a result of defective or dangerous products. With the help of an attorney, the manufacturer or company that distributed the product can be held accountable for the damages if it is proven that the product either: had a defective design, was dangerous, lacked necessary safety warning labels, or was defective as a result of its manufacturing.

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