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Samsung Recalls Millions Of Washing Machines


A consumer in Illinois has spoken out about a dangerous product that has recently been recalled. She says her Samsung washing machine was a ticking time bomb. Samsung has issued a recall for nearly 3 million top-loading washing machines. The consumer says she contacted Samsung about her machine before the recall and found the company to be negligent.

The Illinois consumer says the company was not completely honest about what could happen. Reports have been made by consumers who say their washer had violently exploded, shooting metal and glass through laundry rooms and garages. Many claim Samsung didn’t want to give too much information out about what was taking place and even told many that the only safe cycle was the delicate cycle.

The recalled machines are those made between 2011 and 2016. Officials say there is a proposed class action lawsuit in the works that alleges the machine’s high-speed motor is too powerful, causing the machine to vibrate violently and disconnect. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says hundreds of consumers have called making complaints from minor to serious property damage. Samsung has recalled the washing machines and promised affected owners an in-home repair or a refund. The Illinois consumer and owner of a Samsung washing machine says the company was secretive of the problem before finally announcing the recall.

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