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Pennsylvania Mayor Charged with DUI after Rear-End Car Accident


A Pennsylvania mayor allegedly caused a car accident after he rear-ended a car that then crashed into two other vehicles. He fled the crash scene and has been charged with driving under the influence. Police say the mayor was wandering the streets when he was arrested by responding officers. The mayor has been released and has yet to comment on the incident.

Car accidents, fender benders to serious crashes, happen all over the United States every day. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that there are 6 million car accidents every year in the U.S. They report that 40% of those accidents are rear-ended collisions. It is scary to think that individuals who are involved in a rear-end collisions are usually helpless to the situation as a driver slams into the back of a vehicle which can start a chain reaction. These car accidents can cause injuries that range from minor to serious, but one thing is common, there is a cost for any medical service you receive. If you are a victim in a rear-end car accident, do you have the funds to cover extensive medical bills? Do you just hope insurance will cover it? Think you may have to borrow money to cover costs? Call a personal injury attorney before asking yourself any of those questions. A personal injury attorney can help determine if you have a case against the driver who caused the accident and provides legal assistance to start your case.

The attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC have a century worth of experience with personal injury cases. Our team offers professional service to our clients and works diligently on each case. We understand that car accidents can be mentally and physically taxing, so we make communication with our clients a top priority while striving for maximum compensation settlements. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, please contact our office for a no-obligation consultation.

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