Multistate Hepatitis A Outbreak Spread to Nine States

A hepatitis A outbreak across several states has been linked to frozen strawberries likely imported from Egypt. The CDC and the US FDA are investigating these outbreaks which were distributed for commercial use. Just this week three counties in Indiana confirmed that the tainted strawberries were distributed to eight different restaurants in the last two weeks. Health care providers in Indiana are being urged to ask patients who exhibit hepatitis A symptoms if they have recently consumed recalled strawberries. These strawberries are part of a large recall that was announced on September 1, 2016. The first outbreak was linked to smoothie café in Virginia. Nine states have since reported hepatitis A cases with 52 consumers requiring hospitalization.

The CDC states that possible consumers can be contacted by local schools, nursing homes, etc. and told that a family member might have been exposed to the recalled strawberries. It is recommended to contact your healthcare provider if you are unsure you’ve received the hepatitis A vaccine. No further action is needed if you have already had the vaccine. If you haven’t been vaccinated against hepatitis A and have consumed the recalled strawberries, the CDC recommends receiving a single dose of the vaccine to help protect against the infection. Serious side effects, illnesses, and fatalities can be caused by consuming recalled food products. It is always imperative to seek medical help and legal assistance if you are a victim of a recalled product.

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