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Multi-Vehicle Accident and the Dangers of Distracted Drivers


A multi-vehicle car crash injured five people near Manning, North Dakota. According to police reports, a Dodge Dakota truck was headed northbound and had stopped to wait for southbound traffic before making a turn on a western highway. Before making the turn, a Chevy work truck had also stopped behind the Dakota. A driver of a Chevrolet Silverado was attempting the pass both stopped vehicles when the back of his trucked was clipped by a Honda Pilot who was also trying to pass. A chain reaction ensued with a Toyota Camry, who was following the Pilot, hit the stopped work truck. The drivers of the car, work truck and Silverado were transported to a local hospital.

Multi-vehicle accidents are often caused by individuals who are distracted. A chain reaction resulted and caused several accidents with many injuries. It is always important to practice defensive driving while traveling on highly populated highways and interstates. Staying alert and paying attention can keep you and your family safe.

Here are a few helpful reminders next time you find yourself behind the wheel:

* Stay Alert- Always pay attention to your surroundings. Traffic patterns can change in a matter of seconds, so it is always wise to be watching the vehicles in front, back and on each side of you.

* Don’t Get Distracted- It is easy to take your eyes off the road for a quick second. Instead of reaching for the radio dial, use the steering wheel buttons, so you do not lose focus. A hands-free electronic device is a great tool to use if you must make phone calls while operating a vehicle. Drivers are able to keep their hands on the steering wheel while staying in control.

* Say No to Texting- Texting is a huge factor in car accidents. Even reading a text message takes seconds of visual time away from drivers, so it is best to put cell phones away when driving.

Distracted driving can happen anywhere and can cause serious injuries. It is imperative to reach a qualified attorney that will fight for fair and maximum compensation for you and your loved ones. Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC, has a dedicated team of attorneys that specialize in personal injury cases. We communicate fully with our clients during the legal process and are available at all times for any needs they may have. If you are needing legal representation, please contact our office today to receive a no-obligation consultation.

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