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Mother and Toddler Viciously Attacked by Dogs


Two dogs attacked a mother and her 2-year-old son in their front yard in Anaheim, California, and the whole attack was captured by a surveillance camera. The victims are shown leaving their house and trying to get the dogs, who escaped their own yard, back to their home. The dogs were circling the 2-year-old when he fell and was immediately picked up by his mom. The victims start towards the front door, but the dogs started viciously biting the mother’s arms and end up biting the 2-year-old several times. He was even pulled by his hair by the dogs at one point. After attempts from a neighbor failed another man comes to help, and the victims are finally able to escape. An ambulance raced the boy to a local hospital with lacerations to his face and legs and will require plastic surgery. Both dogs were taken into quarantine, and the victims are now seeking legal help.

Dog attacks are scary and becoming more common with over 200,000 cases reported each year. This is especially scary when victims are not able to defend themselves. Even more frightening is that the average cost of a hospital stay due to a dog bite is $18,200. Many victims may ask themselves where they will get the funds to cover such high costs. It is essential to contact a personal injury attorney immediately after suffering from a dog bite. An attorney can help victims pursue maximum compensation for their injuries.

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