Metro East Imagining Center Has Been Shut Down

A Metro East facility is facing medical malpractice accusations after thousands of mammograms are being disputed. Belleville Imaging has been suspended after it was discovered their mammogram images were not meeting quality standards. Thousands of women are now questioning their mammogram results.

The state of Illinois suspended the facility saying the images did not meet the necessary standards because of lack of sharpness, exposure, and contrast. After 30 examinations had been reviewed, eight women were told they were healthy when in fact there should have undergone a follow-up appointment. Belleville Imaging has notified over 2,000 people and is advising them to get another mammogram and talk to a physician. The manager of the imaging facility said letters were sent to patients who received services for the past several years. Patients say this will cost hundreds of dollars for additional testing. Some are worried that vital information was missed during previous examinations, and if cancer is found, precious time was lost. Others on Medicare fear their options are limited because they already received the service for this year and will have to wait until next year.

According to a spokesperson for the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, there are resources available to those who need a follow-up examination. Those needing a free or low-cost mammogram can contact the National Cancer Institute. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency is still investigating the facility.

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