Investigators Find Alarming History Of Chattanooga School Bus Driver

As investigators dig into what caused the tragic school bus crash in Chattanooga last week, many concerns were raised about the driver prior to the fatal accident. According to authorities, many concerns from students, parents, and administrators were raised about the 24-year-old Tennessee school bus driver. Chattanooga police have charged the school bus driver with multiple counts of vehicular homicide.

Federal authorities are still trying to understand why the driver was traveling off the designated bus route when he lost control on a curvy road and plowed into a tree. The bus was carrying 37 children on their way home from Woodmore Elementary School. Six children were killed and several other injured including two who are still in critical condition.

The school district released to the police two written statements from children complaining about the driver’s behavior. Complaints included accusation of speeding and reckless driving. One student complained that the driver purposely slams on the breaks when someone is standing in the aisle to make the children hit their heads. Another student wrote that the bus feels like it is going to flip over and they need seatbelts.

An altercation occurred on November 2 when a school official boarded the bus and documented the driver complaining about the students and saying he did not care about the children. The school district's transportation supervisor responded to the altercation that the company is cooperating fully with authorities. The accident is still being investigated by the NTSB. The agency said they are looking into the second job of the driver to see whether fatigue was a factor in the crash.

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