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Faulty Oil Change Destroys Customer's Engine


A San Diego man says he is the victim of expensive property damage after he claims a local car shop incorrectly changed his oil. The man told a local news station that after he had taken his car into a car service shop for a routine oil change, his engine failed two weeks later. The man discovered the oil filter wasn’t tightened correctly and that the oil had been leaking out causing his car to break down on the freeway.

The San Diego man says he took his car into an Oil Changer in North Park back in July. He contacted a manager from the Oil Changer shop, and the manager agreed to look at his car. The manager told him during the inspection that the oil filter wasn’t tightened correctly but was later told that it was the alternator. The man decided to get a second opinion from a dealership, which confirmed leaky oil destroyed his engine.

The man now needs a new engine, and he claims it is the Oil Changer who should pay for the damages. The company denied any fault in the incident. The man turned to the local news station for help and through pressure of the media, the Oil Changer company president agreed to replace the engine, pay for the rental car and refund the money for the original oil change and services.

Not all cases such as this work out for a victim of property damage. If you have sustained property damage due to the negligence or misconduct of another individual, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit. Contact Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC, and let an expert take a look at your case.

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