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Driver Runs Stop Light Causes Fatal Accident


A fatal vehicle accident occurred in Westfield, Massachusetts on Tuesday when a driver failed to stop at a red light, causing his vehicle to hit another vehicle, which was making a turn. The victim was en route to the hospital to receive medical attention for their injuries but tragically passed away. The driver responsible for running the red light was arrested at the scene of the accident and faces multiple charges, including motor vehicle homicide, negligent operation of a vehicle, and leaving the scene of a personal injury accident.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety determined that about 709 people passed away and 126,000 people suffered injuries in 2014 as a result of drivers running red lights. Additionally, every hour, around 3.2 red light violations take place. Running red lights is an epidemic that plagues the roads, but can be prevented by driving safely and carefully, and always paying attention to the road.

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