Distracted Driver Causes Accident with Police Car

A 20-year-old Texas A&M college student was the cause of a car accident after her SUV collided with the back of a parked patrol car in Bryan, Texas. When approached by the officer the young woman was struggling to pull her shirt on after snapping a picture for her boyfriend on the popular social app Snapchat. The patrol car was parked in an outside lane while the officer was responding to a disturbance call. The woman had admitted to drinking wine with friends and had an open bottle of alcohol in the SUV. She has since been ticketed and charged with possession of alcohol for a minor and driving while intoxicated.

It is estimated that 421,000 people a year are injured in crashes that involve distracted drivers. One of the more common driver distractions are the use of cell phones, with 169.3 billion text messages sent in U.S. every month. Distracted driving is not only dangerous for the person doing it but for the drivers on the road and nearby pedestrians. Sadly, distracted driving is not only drivers with their cell phones but individuals who are drinking alcohol, brushing their teeth or even putting makeup on. These instances can easily turn into an accident. It is important to recognize that if you are injured in a distraction accident to immediately contact a personal injury attorney. These accidents can cause injuries that lead to massive medical bills, lost time from work and physical and mental stress.

The seasoned attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC are committed to helping those who have suffered injuries due to distracted driving. Their knowledgeable staff understands that these cases are sensitive and will be with you or your loved one every step of the way. For a free no-obligation case evaluation, please contact us today.

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