Court Appearance Held For Sailor Who Killed Four In DUI Accident

Wednesday was the first court appearance held for the U.S. Navy sailor accused of a DUI accident that killed four at the Coronado Bridge last month. Police say the suspect is being charged after he drove his vehicle off the bridge and crashed into a crowd below, injuring several and killing four. The 24-year-old active duty service member is in custody on $2 million bail. At the hearing, the San Diego judge rejected the defense’s request to release the sailor into the care of the U.S. military. At the hearing, the sailor pleaded not guilty to numerous charges related to the fatal crash. Among the charges are four counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated as well as driving under the influence causing injury or death.

The defendant's attorney argued his client was not drunk and was not using his phone at the time of the crash. The defendant's attorney also urged to release the accused, who has no prior record, so that he may undergo the necessary surgery for his serious injuries. The defense was that the sailor was forced off the bridge by another driver and that he is a victim. The prosecutor urged the opposite and said that blood test taken an hour after the accident show that the accused had been over the legal limit. The district attorney’s office also maintains that there is no evidence to support the defendant claims that he was forced off the bridge. The San Diego judge ordered the defendant to be held on $2 million bail and can face up to 23-years in prison.

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