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California Mother Saves Son From Vicious Dog Attack


A California mother and her toddler son were seriously injured in a vicious dog attack that was caught on camera. The security video shows a mother and her 2-year-old son fighting off two dogs outside their Anaheim home last week. The horrific attack went on for minutes as the mother screams for help and tries to shield the boy with her body from the biting dogs. The incident started when two dogs escaped and began attacking a little boy in his front yard. The video shows the mother running over to help the boy while the dogs turn on her. She tries to make it inside but cannot get the door open. The woman screams for help and finally someone calls the police and tries to help her. The footage is horrific, and the mother and son were seriously injured.

The two victims were taken to the hospital and suffered several lacerations all over their bodies. According to the boy’s father, the toddler required multiple stitches and underwent plastic surgery on his face. The mother is also recovering from the terrifying event with multiple injuries. Her husband is calling her a hero for her courageous attempted to save her son from the dogs. The dogs were taken into animal control custody, and police are still investigating the attack. The California family has sought legal counsel from their family attorney who plans to sue the dogs' owner.

Have you or a family member become a victim of a dog attack? Dog attacks not only leave victims with physical injuries, but they leave traumatic emotional scars. Please contact a caring St. Louis personal injury attorney, who is experienced in dog bite accident, at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC.

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