Two Six Flags Rollercoasters Malfunction, Injuring Four

Six Flags in Eureka had two amusement rides malfunction this past weekend. One ride left four people injured and needing medical attention after it malfunctioned. It all started this past Friday, around 11:30 a.m., when the ride called the Boomerang, suddenly stopped in mid-air. It is unclear how long the passengers were held in mid-air, but once the Boomerang was repaired and passengers were allowed off, emergency responders were called to the park. Four people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. The park officials confirmed the Boomerang malfunctioned, stopping at a mid-point location, unable to complete a full cycle. They also confirmed that all passengers were able to exit, and four were taken to receive treatment as a precautionary measure. The boomerang will not reopen until a thorough inspection is conducted.

On Saturday, Six Flags had a second ride malfunction while carrying passengers. The well known Screaming Eagle stop during the ride unexpectedly. The passengers were evacuated from the rollercoaster alongside a walkway down off the track. No injuries were reported. Park Officials stated the ride might have stop during ascension due to a detection of an abnormally. The ride was reopened shortly after inspection. Park officials reported it is still unclear why the ride malfunctioned.

Many injuries and even deaths happen at amusement parks every year across our country. Most often, it is because a ride or its safety features malfunction. Injuries and deaths can also occur when passengers do not follow proper safety guidelines and rules. When someone is injured at a public park due to the malfunction of equipment, it is possible that the owner of that property is responsible for your injuries according to the legal principle of premises liability. If you believe you have grounds to sue for premises liability, contact St. Louis’ best premises liability attorneys Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC. Our dedicated team of professionals can help you with your claim, and if you have grounds to sue for premises liability, we have the experience and resources to fight for the maximum compensation you are entitled. Contact Meyerkord & Kurth at our downtown St. Louis location for a free consultation.

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