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St. Louis Residents Fear Building Could Cause Injuries


A dangerous and rundown building has many South St. Louis residents concerned that an injury or death could occur. Residents of the Tower Grove East neighborhood are frustrated and worried about a dilapidated building that has been left to fall apart. The building in the 3100 block of Arsenal is unsecured and could be potentially deadly for curious young children or teenagers who would wander onto the property. The St. Louis Building Commissioner states the building was secured in January 2016, but residents disagree. The dangerous building was damaged in a fire and is currently owned by the city. Sources report that the building is being purchased by a developer who has plans to remodel it into an immigrant apartment housing project. The developer doesn’t have the legal authority to secure it just yet, leaving people vulnerable to the hazardous property. Due to the upset residents, the city has again attempted to secure the building with boards & fencing. However, Tower Grove residents are still fearful of what could happen and agree that more should be done to ensure no one is hurt.

St. Louis residents should know their rights if they have been hurt on someone’s property that has been carelessly maintained, or the property owner has been neglectful to remove potential hazards. Property owners are responsible if someone is injured, especially if they knew about dangers, refused to correct them or failed to warn the public. If you have been injured on dangerous property, you could be entitled to compensation for your damages. Contact St. Louis’ best premises liability attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC to receive a free consultation.

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