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St. Charles Residents Speak Out About Dangerous Crosswalk


St. Charles residents are speaking out about a dangerous crosswalk on Riverside Drive. The crosswalk is one of the busiest, used by pedestrians to walk from historic downtown St. Charles to Frontier Park. Residents complain about the low visibility of pedestrians for oncoming traffic. Many are worried that if the problem is not fixed, someone could be killed in a pedestrian accident. In 2014, a young boy darted out in the crosswalk and was hit by a pickup truck. The young boy was dragged and pinned under the truck and suffered severe injuries. The driver of the pickup stated he never saw the boy until after impact. No charges were filed, and the little boy recovered. However, St. Charles residents are asking for measures to be taken to create a safer area for pedestrians and more visibility for drivers. Several residents have asked the city to simply remove two parking spots that contribute to the low visibility.

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