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Six-Year-Old Paralyzed in Car Crash


A little girl in Georgia is now confined to a wheelchair after being paralyzed in a car accident. As the 6-year-old girl was en route to school one morning, her mother was operating the vehicle, traveling along Highway 20 when she attempted to make a left-hand turn and was struck by another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. The collision was severe, and the young girl is fortunate to have survived. However, she must now depend on the use of a respirator and is bound to a wheelchair. Students at Knox Elementary School, where she is a Kindergarten student, have begun to raise funds to help with the expenses associated with living in a wheelchair.

Car accidents are not discriminatory when it comes to inflicting injuries and claiming the lives of innocent victims. Tragically, children are injured or killed in auto accidents just as much as adults. When victims of any accident are children, it adds a level of devastation due to their innocence and vulnerability. If you have a child or young loved one that has suffered an injury or was killed in a car crash, you are likely experiencing a vast range of emotions. Fighting to hold the party responsible for those damages is imperative in obtaining justice. The most effective way to obtain justice is to contact an experienced St. Louis auto accident attorney.

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