Nashville Road Worker Killed in Auto Accident

A Tennessee Department of Transportation employee was killed while changing a tire in a fatal auto accident last week. According to the police, a TDOT crew pulled over their work truck on Interstate 40 to change a flat tire in Hickman County. Police report the crew turned on their caution lights while calling for backup. A tractor-trailer crashed into the truck, killing a 65-year-old worker. According to witnesses, the tractor-trailer never used it’s brakes, but crashed full speed into the stopped work truck. The three other crew members were treated for minor injuries. A funeral will be held for the deceased TDOT crew member, husband, father, and grandfather. Police are still investigating the crash. No charges have been filed.

Road workers have a very dangerous occupation. They cannot perform their work in the safety of a structure, but have to perform their very necessary skill on the roadways of our nation. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, road work or construction zones accidents are responsible for 20,000 deaths each year. In fact, there were 514 fatalities in work zones in 2010. These workers rely on other motorists to pay attention and reduce speed. When a driver is distracted, in a hurry, or worse, under the influence, it can be deadly.

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