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Moped Rider Found Dead in Ditch After Hit and Run Accident


This past Wednesday, a court hearing in Louisville, Kentucky was held for a woman accused of a fatal hit-and-run. Police report the fatal incident occurred this month in Bullitt County at approximately 2:30 a.m., when the 22-year-old woman drove down the wrong side of Highway 44, crashing into a moped and then drove away. The 29-year-old moped driver died at the scene of the accident. A witness called the police after discovering the wrecked moped and a road covered with debris on Highway 44 near the intersection of Shepherdsville and Mt. Washington. The witness then claims he saw a vehicle driving slowly with its hazard lights, dragging an unknown object underneath it. Police arrived on the scene and found the driver of the moped in a ditch over 150 feet from the sight of the crash. Investigators at the scene found his damaged moped, along with pieces of a car hood containing a VIN sticker. Investigators were able to identify the 22-year-old hit and run driver from video footage from a nearby vendor showing her westbound vehicle traveling in an eastbound lane. Authorities report gruesome details of the woman dragging the moped driver over 100 feet before he became dislodged. When police tracked down the woman in question at her Pleasure Ridge Park residence, they were told by the father that the car was being repaired in the body shop for damages caused by hitting a deer. Policed then seized the car and traced the car to the scene of the fatal crash. The young woman is charged with murder and a hit and run, setting her bond at $500,000.

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