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Meyerkord & Kurth Settles Two $447,500 Accident Cases


Two southeastern Missouri residents each recovered $447,500 after they were seriously injured in a car crash involving another driver that failed to yield. The auto accident took place on January 12, 2014, when the plaintiffs, S.C. and R.L., were traveling along U.S. 62. The defendant failed to yield the right of way and drove his vehicle into the plaintiffs’ path. The crash was severe and resulted in a total loss of the plaintiffs’ vehicle as well as multiple injuries to both individuals. Emergency crews placed both S.C. and R.L. on backboards and C-collars as they rushed them to the emergency room.

S.C. experienced pain to his head, chest, right shoulder, left elbow, and abdomen resulting in numerous consultations and pain treatments such as injections. In October 2015, a two level disc replacement surgery was performed on S.C.’s cervical spine. His medical expenses exceeded $200,000.

R.L. also sustained multiple injuries causing severe pain. Among her many injuries were several herniated discs and a torn medial meniscus in her left knee. Similar to S.C.’s treatment, R.L. also sought various treatment options and ultimately required surgery. The left knee was operated on in August of 2014, and a disc replacement surgery was conducted on May 19, 2015. Her medical treatment resulted in $168,568.98 in expenses. After the accident, R.L. could not complete her nursing school courses and had to withdraw causing a loss in tuition of $3,642.

S.C. and R.L. were represented by attorney Joe Klenofsky and Geoff Meyerkord with the St. Louis law firm of Meyerkord & Kurth. Klenofsky and Meyerkord successfully settled each case for $447,500 and were able to obtain a reduction for both S.C.’s and R.L.’s medical liens providing more compensation to the clients.

The St. Louis law firm of Meyerkord & Kurth has successfully recovered more than $350 in compensation while providing support to our clients. We will fully examine your case and fight to recover the maximum amount of compensation for your accident. Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation.

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