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Fatal Auto Accidents on The Rise


Missouri is not the only state that has had an increase in the number of fatal auto crashes. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Tennessee has also seen a rise in this year’s number of fatal car crashes. This year, more of Tennessee’s deadly crashes are happening in urban cities. Three fatal auto crashes plagued 2016 headlines; the 28-year-old struck by Lamborghini on Nolensville Pike, the 66-year-old man killed in a six-vehicle crash at Bell Road and Blue Hole Road and the 25-year-old who died after crashing into a utility pole in Lebanon. All of these fatal accidents happened inside the city limits. Many more accidents, just like these, have officials concerned. Fatal crashes in rural areas have decreased while fatal crashes in urban areas have increased 32%. According to THP, the city of Knoxville has the highest number of fatal crashes in Tennessee, followed by Memphis and Nashville.

THP is currently conducting a study to see if they can pinpoint a common denominator that would help explain the rise. Some officials have stepped up the seat belt and DUI enforcement. Officials worry if the rise continues, an estimated 1,400 people will be killed in fatal crashes in Tennessee this year. While these statistics help officials plan prevention strategies, it is important to remember that these numbers represent real people. Real people have tragically lost their lives and have left countless family members and friends with the devastating aftermath. No one is safe from deadly auto accidents, and most people will have an auto accident at some point in their lives.

When auto accidents are the fault of another driver, it is not only important to hold them legally responsible; it is the duty of justice to make sure the victims are financially compensated. St. Louis’ best auto accident attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth have over 100 years of combined successful legal experience and are ready to help you through your legal journey towards restoration and compensation. You are always welcome at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC, for a consultation at absolutely no cost, at our beautiful downtown St. Louis law firm. Contact us today.

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