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Driver Found Dead After Truck Accident


A fatal tractor-trailer accident in Utah has left one man dead, early Sunday morning. According to the Utah Highway Patrol, the fatal crash occurred near Amalga when a tractor-trailer rolled down an embankment. Utah Highway Patrol troopers found a tractor trailer at approximately 10:37 a.m., several hundred feet off the road. From what Troopers can put together, the tanker had apparently drifted off the right side of the roadway and rolled down an embankment. The 57-year-old Idaho truck driver was found dead inside the vehicle at the scene of the crash. The tractor-trailer was hauling an agricultural product. Investigators are still trying to piece together what caused the driver to veer off the side of the road.

Tractor-trailer accidents have the potential to be catastrophic, regardless of whether you are in the truck or in another vehicle. Commercial trucks have an increased presence on U.S. roadways and are involved in a high percentage of accidents. While some accidents are caused by the misconduct of tractor-trailer drivers, many can be the fault of another vehicle on the road. Tractor-trailers are very large and very hard to maneuver, especially reactively. When a tractor-trailer cannot quickly swerve out of the way to avoid an accident, catastrophic damages can occur. Dealing with the insurance company after the loss of a loved one can be a hardship and a burden for many. If you have lost a loved one in an accident involving a tractor-trailer, even if they were the driver of the truck, do not hesitate to contact St. Louis’ best Missouri truck accident attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC.

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