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Dangerous IL Roadway Receives Attention After Fatal Accidents


Residents of Willow Spring gathered to place crosses along a stretch of road in Illinois after a fatal auto accident claimed the life of a loved one. Archer Avenue is located within an unincorporated area and is known for its dangerous and winding curves. Many people have come to place a cross to honor a loved one who has died while traveling on the dangerous street. Just this year, four deaths have occurred along Archer Avenue, and residents say it’s time to make some changes. A man who lost his son in a car crash on Archer Avenue speaks out about the high-speed limit. The father claims that the problem with this stretch of road is speeding cars drive too fast, and it is dangerous.

In an attempt to prevent future accidents, many are asking lawmakers to reduce the current speed limit of 55 mph. Residents are also asking for the installation of additional lighting to expose more dangerous areas on the road. Voices have been heard, and the Congressman has agreed to work with the Illinois Department of Transportation concerning the issue. Those who have campaigned for lawmakers attention hope changes will be made before another fatal accident.

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