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Cosmetic Surgery Results in Medical Malpractice


A Chicago woman is accusing a doctor of medical malpractice and speaking out about a cosmetic surgery that has left her severely injured and disfigured, and she claims it was not even the right procedure she agreed to undergo. The 32-year-old Chicago woman claims that she flew to Florida to undergo a buttock augmentation by a popular Miami doctor. She paid $4,400, and when she awoke from her surgery, she discovered he performed a tummy tuck. The woman claims she was in severe pain and was refused to be seen by the doctor. She then spent the next 11 days in the hospital being treated for a 7-inch gap in her abdomen. The Miami Doctor has other patient complaints that include perforating patients’ organs, incorrect use of anesthesia and discharging patients to facilities unable of providing proper medical care. The Florida State Attorney General is now investigating the Miami doctor and two of his facilities.

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