Child Safety Seats Contain Toxic Chemicals

Child safety seats are not only crucial for protecting a child in an auto accident, but they are required by law. When studied, results surprisingly revealed toxic and carcinogenic chemicals found in name brand car seats. For years, an environmental group named Ecology Center has found toxic chemicals when testing car seats. Recently, two popular car seats were found to contain TDCPP, a chemical proven toxic by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 1970. As a possible carcinogen, it was removed from all children’s clothing.

Many are wondering why chemicals are even necessary for the manufacturing of child safety seats. Apparently, the law requires all car seats to fire resistant. According to a pediatrician and toxicologist at Children’s Mercy Hospital, these flame resistant chemicals do not bind to the car seat and tiny particles can float and can be inhaled or ingested by children. The doctor is a part of a medical community that firmly believes these flame resistant chemicals do very little to save lives and may be causing more harm than good. The medical community is asking for these chemicals to be removed for all car seats.

A representative of Harmony Juvenile Products, a popular car seat manufacturer, states these studies are misleading to the public and questions Ecology Center’s finding. The manufacturer claims the company produces car seats with the least amount of chemicals to meet all child safety seat requirements. Pediatricians and toxicologists are asking for these chemicals to be removed, fearing the long-term effects these toxins can have in children, especially a person’s thyroid as well as neurodevelopmental and motor skills. It is a proven fact that safety seats save the lives of children in auto accidents. However, the medical community suggests ways to limit exposure to toxins for children. Regular vacuuming the car seat, and frequent washing of a child’s hands can limit the exposure.

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