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Carnival Ride Accident Kills Teenage Girl


A teenage girl was killed while riding a carnival ride as many people were enjoying a carnival held at the St. Thomas Aquinas Church in El Paso, Texas. The accident happened on Friday when three teenagers were on a ride called “The Sizzler.” The ride spins each car as well as the entire ride. There was a malfunction that threw the teenage girl from her seat and into a barricade resulting in her death. Another teenager was taken to the emergency room for non-life-threatening injuries, and a third individual was not injured. A full investigation is being conducted to determine why the ride malfunctioned. Tragically, a similar fatal carnival accident occurred in 2014 claiming the lives of two El Paso teens.

Accidents that take place on another person’s or company’s property are subject to premises liability laws. Dog bites, slip and falls, drownings, and even food poisonings are examples of premises liability accidents. The owner and manager of the property are responsible to provide a safe and well-maintained environment in order to prevent an accident from occurring. If the conditions of the premises contribute to an accident, the owner’s negligence places the liability with the owner.

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