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Bars Sued in DUI Crash


Last year, on the morning of Sept 21, a Lexington woman driving drunk, crashed into another vehicle on I-26, killing a 21-year-old female passenger. The 24-year-old drunk driver is charged with felony DUI that resulted in a fatality and faces 10 years in prison. The family of the victim who was tragically killed is suing four Midlands restaurants and bars for allegedly serving alcohol to the woman who then operated her vehicle “in an intoxicated state” and killed the young woman riding in another car. The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount for actual and punitive damages.

The details of the lawsuit report four females were bar hopping in the Harbison area’s restaurants and bars on Aug. 31 through the early morning of Sept. 1. The suit claims each of the four businesses served the 24-year-old women too much alcohol, “thus causing her to become intoxicated, rendering the charged woman incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle." The accused businesses include Applebee’s at 5185 Fernandina Road; Carolina Ale House at 227 Columbiana Dr.; Wild Wing Cafe at 1150 Bower Parkway; and Bulldog Pub at 1220 Bower Parkway.

The lawsuit claims each restaurant or bar acted “negligently” when they provided alcohol to the woman who was intoxicated and then she operated her vehicle on their premises traveling down I-26 crashing into a car and killing a young girl. The lawsuit claims the defendants could have likely prevented the fatal crash by calling a car service for the intoxicated. Each of the four bars denied fault. However, this is a growing trend of legal cases among fatal accidents involving a drunk driver who left an establishment after being served too much alcohol.

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