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Amtrak Train Accident Caused by Distracted Engineer


An investigation has determined that a train accident that resulted in the deaths of eight people was caused by a distracted engineer. The accident happened last May when an Amtrak train derailed around a curve on the tracks in Philadelphia. The engineer had made statements after the crash that he was focused on listening to a radio transmission regarding another train’s windshield being shattered by a rock. The National Transportation Safety Board has concluded their investigation and a hearing will be held on Tuesday. During the hearing, the board will be presented with the evidence gathered from the investigation and will vote to determine the exact cause. Investigators also determined that there could have been an issue with the train’s windows because several of the deceased were ejected through the windows. Several lawsuits have been filed related to this crash.

Train accidents are often severe causing injuries and fatalities, especially when a train derails or collides with another vehicle. Unfortunately, most train accidents are caused by the negligence of the engineer, controller, or railroad company. Learning that your injury or your loved one’s death could have been preventable is heartbreaking. In order to seek the justice you are owed, it’s imperative to consult a skilled accident lawyer.

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