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Two Teens Killed in DUI Accident, Driver Pleads Guilty


On Monday, a 23-year-old man pleaded guilty to felony DUI that resulted in death. The charges stem from an auto accident that happened in March of 2015 when the driver slammed his Mercedes-Benz E350 into a Nissan Versa at speeds of 117 mph. The impact was tragic, killing two teen males. The driver had previously been charged with another DUI less than a year before the crash. He is facing 40 years in prison.

According to Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, drunk driving accidents cause 28 fatalities every day in the United States. In additional to the alarming number of deaths, DUI accidents also inflict an injury every two minutes to innocent victims. There are a variety of forms of reckless and negligent driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one of the most preventable and negligent causes of auto accidents. All drivers have received education regarding the risks associated with driving under they influence and yet they continue to commit the deadly crime. While drivers of DUI accidents will face criminal consequences, they should also be held financially accountable.

If you have been injured or suffered the loss of a loved one in a DUI accident, contacting an experienced St. Louis auto accident attorney at Meyerkord & Kurth can provide you with the legal guidance needed to determine if you have a case. We will fully examine your accident and fight to hold the reckless driving responsible for the damages they have caused. Our attorneys have recovered over $350 million in compensation and we will work to recover the maximum compensation for your damages. Contact Meyerkord & Kurth today for a free no-obligation consultation.

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