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Two Police Officers Killed in Wrong-Way Crash


Over the weekend, two police officers were killed in a wrong-way auto accident in Des Moines, Iowa. The accident occurred at around 12:40 a.m. on Saturday when the officers were traveling eastbound on Intestate 80. The officers were transporting a prisoner in a squad car when a vehicle traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes struck them head-on. The prison and the driver of the other vehicle were also killed in the crash. The accident is being investigated.

One of the leading causes of death amongst Americans is that of auto accidents. The Association for Safe International Road Travel estimates that there are 37,000 people killed in traffic accidents each year in the U.S. There are numerous types of auto accidents including SUV rollover accidents, DUI accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, head-on collisions, motorcycle crashes, and ATV accidents. All of these accidents claim the lives of thousands of victims and injure many more. The vast majority of traffic accidents are preventable and caused by vehicle design flaws, reckless driving, mechanical defects, and dangerous roadways.

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